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Your reward for enduring repeating arguments and ‘go-nowhere’ conversations

A Groundhog emerging from his burrow under a title of Groundhog DayIt’s Groundhog Day once again

We’ve talked of the frustration, hurt, anger and demoralisation that repeated arguments and ‘go-nowhere’ conversations can render.

Recurring showdowns with family, friends or job colleagues sap our energy, morale and jeopardise our enthusiasm for our relationships. They make us want to cut family ties or contemplate quitting a job.

This feeling of having been suckered into repeated arguments and deadlocked conversations time after time, reminds me of the movie, Groundhog Day. Continue reading

The unhappiness of repeating arguments

two bulls locking horns in arguement

Why are we always going head to head?

Repeated arguing: A habit in relationships that drag you down

What do I mean by Repeated Arguments? I don’t necessarily mean constant arguing, although for some people in bad relationships at home or at work, life can feel like a constant fight.

What I mean is those arguments which happen, time after time; often with the same person – often close, loved-ones: husbands, wives, partners, children and wider family.

Repetitious arguments like this can also feature in our work relationships; with bosses and work colleagues.

These arguments frequently have a consistent theme or feature a specific recurring bone of contention. Sometimes they can simply explode out from a simmering tension that inexplicably defines our relationship with that other person, or persons. Continue reading